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A sturdy warmth, a sharp mind, excellent therapeutic skills and a sense of humour.


I have been in Private Practise as a psychotherapist since 1989, doing what I can to be helpful to a wide range of different people grappling with difficulties in their lives.
I hope I always go the extra mile for my clients!
I work with adults, both individuals and couples as well as older teens (17+).

People come to see me for help with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Shame
  • Loss and bereavement
  • Relationship troubles (partners, parents, children, friends)
  • Sexual Orientation worries
  • Gender Identity concerns
  • LGBT Counseling
  • Transgender Counseling
  • Support in raising “Gender Independent” children

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Consulting and training

I have been designing and leading capacity-building trainings for staff in social service, medical, governmental and educational organizations since 2003. My Adult Education training confirmed my belief that effective learning is always an active process, that respect for everyone’s dignity is key, and that utilizing a wide range of learning modalities works best. Participants often comment that it feels easy to raise difficult or embarrassing questions in my workshops and to discuss them with complexity.

I contribute to current international debates in the often controversial and rapidly changing field of trans health care and am actively involved in program and policy development with health care providers and government decision-makers.

My practise is based in Toronto, Canada